Bookmobile is in Granma

August 26, 2008

The bookmobile arrived Thursday August 21, 2008 in Bayamo, capital of Granma. The library director is very pleased and amazed.


Bookmobile arrives in Havana

August 17, 2008

News has it, the bookmobile is now in Cuba, waiting to leave the ship. Two people are coming from Granma to drive it there.


Thanks–we’re off

June 24, 2008

June 23, 2008

Dear friends and supporters,

The bookmobile for Granma is ready to leave for its final destination of “1868 Provincial Library,” in Granma Province, City of Bayamo, Cuba. The bookmobile has been closely inspected and repaired by very good mechanics who knew how far it had to travel. It is in tip top shape. Of course, it is an older vehicle and things happen. We are excited that this trip and the entire caravan will be successful.

Dana will leave in the Bookmobile tomorrow, Tuesday June 24,th headed first to McAllen Texas where we will rendezvous with the Pastors for Peace caravans. After the border crossing, we will continue on down to Tampico, Mexico where volunteer Mexican longshoreman will load everything on a ship that will dock several weeks later in Havana.

We want to offer our humble thanks to all the many people who assisted us with this project through generous financial backing, fabulous book donations, and tremendous emotional support.

Without the strength and support all of you, this project would not have been so exciting, so colorful, so meaningful or so successful. We are deeply touched by everyone who has contributed to this project and to expanding the links between librarians and readers in the United States and Cuba. We are all one big user community enriched by our mutual sharing and common dreams of literacy, education and creativity supported by libraries and other intellectual institutions.

With love and warm regards,

Dana Lubow

Ben White

Rhonda Neugebauer



February 29, 2008

Bookmobile to Cuba, from Gentry to Granma

El Bibliobús a Cuba, desde Gentry hasta a Granma

Español sigue abajo

Welcome to the Bookmobile to Cuba blog. The bookmobile will be joining the Pastors for Peace 19th annual travel challenge to Cuba the summer of 2008. The dates for the challenge will be:

June 14-28 Educational presentations and aid collections throughout the US and Canada
June 29 – July 2 Participant orientation in Texas
July 3-4 Border crossing and travel to Tampico, Mexico
July 5 Travel to Havana, Cuba
July 5-12 Caravan program in Cuba
July 13 Return to Tampico, Mexico and travel to US/Mexico border
July 14 Reverse Challenge crossing into Texas
Further information may be obtained by writing them at: cucaravan@igc.org

The bookmobile will be donated to the “1868″ Provincial Library in Bayamo, the capital of the province of Granma.

Join us!!


Funds can be donated to the Bookmobile project at: Pastors for Peace (IFCO), 418 W. 145 St., NewYork, N.Y. 10031. IFCO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Bienvenidos al blog «Bibliobús a Cuba». El bibliobús se unirá el decimonoveno reto anual para viajar a Cuba con Los Pastores por la Paz en el verano de 2008. Las fechas del desafío serán:

14-28 de junio. Presentaciones educativas y colecciones de ayuda por todos los de los EEUU y Canadá
29 de junio – 2 de julio. Orientación de participantes en Texas
3-4 de julio. Cruzar la frontera y viajar a Tampico, México
5 de julio. Viajar a Habana, Cuba
5-12 de julio. El programa de la Caravana en Cuba
13 de julio. Regresar a Tampico, México y viajar a la frontera de EEUU/México
14 de julio. La reta inverso cruzar a dentro de Texas

Más información la pueden obtener comunicándose a: cucaravan@igc.org
El bibliobús será donado a la Biblioteca Provincial “1868” en Bayamo, capital de la provincia de Granma.