Our thanks to…

Dear anonymous purchaser of John Knowles A Separate Peace in Spanish. Yours was a very kind and generous gift to the Cuban people of Granma province. I am sure it will be well read.

And if anyone else would like to donate other books, please go to www.alibris.com and click on Wishlist, then type in danalubow@hotmail.com to select from the list of desired titles. Thank you in advance for your support.

Thanks to:

  • 2 anonymous donors for $10 each donated
  • Aaliform Publishing for the titles they donated
  • AFT Local 1521 for $1000 donation
  • Alberto for $80 donation
  • Anonymous teacher in South Gate for over 60 titles donated
  • Armida for a variety of titles donated
  • Armin and Iberbook Sanchez Cuesta for the generous donation of over 40 adult fiction and non-fiction titles.
  • Assorted people for their donations of an assortment of books
  • Beth for $1000 donation and a variety of titles
  • Beverly for a variety of titles donated
  • Bill for $25 donation
  • Bruce for $250 donation
  • Cat for beginning the trip last year and sharing the driving to Phoenix
  • Christopher Reynolds Foundation for $5000 grant award
  • Dana for various monetary, materials, and logistics donated – as well as over 30 titles and assorted puppets
  • Dawn for her donation of a variety of titles
  • Debb and Mike for their constant support, ideas and suggestions
  • Elaine for $1000 donated
  • Emily for design development of the bookmobile utilizing Gerardo’s design elements
  • Felipe for his great help editing the Spanish translations
  • Film group for $110 donated
  • Frank for the title he donated
  • another Frank for the many titles he donated
  • Gail for a variety of finger puppets
  • Gerardo for the bookmobile’s design
  • Gerry for the gas to drive from LA to Tampico Mexico
  • Greta for several boxes of children’s books
  • Harper Collins for over 50 titles they donated
  • Jacquelyn Maríe for her donation
  • John and Eileen for several boxes of books
  • Katha for over 15 titles she donated
  • Kathleen for $25 donation
  • Kevin for his generous donation
  • Kyle and Radio Free Silver for promoting the bookmobile on the air
  • labor activists from the Lincolnshire branch of public service union UNISON for $75 donation
  • Laverne for $100 donation
  • Lisa for designing the flyers
  • Lynn for over 40 titles she donated
  • Marci for her donation
  • Methodist woman’s group from eastern Nebraska for $150 donation
  • Nancy for several titles she donated
  • Pat for $50 donation
  • Pat’s Unitarian group for $200 donation
  • Progressive Librarian Guild for $500.00 donation
  • Red Letter Press for the titles they donated
  • Rene and Darlene at Libros del Barlovento in Puerto Rico
  • Rhonda for various monetary contributions, support, sundry tasks, and over 10 titles
  • Rosen Publishing for close to 200 books they donated
  • Scholastic Press for over 200 books they donated
  • Scott for $10 donation
  • Several Republicans who do not hate Cuba
  • Shirley for $100 she donated
  • Solidarity activists from Ames Iowa for $50 donation
  • Solidarity activists from all around England for $2000 donation
  • Solidarity activists from Germany for $800 donation
  • Sylvia for $1000 donation
  • Tarnel for hundreds of titles as well as art supplies she donated
  • Teresa for $100 donation
  • Tona for over 20 titles she donated
  • University of California at Riverside for duplicate gift titles
  • Valley college students for painting the bookmobile
  • Various anonymous donors with their hearts in the right place
  • Various solidarity activists in England for $2400 they donated
  • Vicki for $100 donation

Funds can be donated to the Bookmobile project at: Pastors for Peace (IFCO), 418 W. 145 St., New York, N.Y. 10031. IFCO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

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